Wild Deuces

Genre: Rockabilly band

In April 2015 three musicians ( Bart C: double bass, Bart H: guitar and Pascal L: drums ), who already did their fair share of work in the roots scene, decided to form an authentic rockabilly band. Stefni W.joined in May of 2015 and all the pieces fell in place. From that time on, they played on different stages and festivals in the Benelux, Germany and France. In 2021 Stefni decided to leave the band for personal reasons. A new voice joined Wild Deuces, Miss Manon, with a voice and energy that sends the band rockin in outer space. Since then, the band played at Retro Sur Mer, Sjock festival and headlined at Bethune Retro. Their sound is pure and full of energy, like real rock ‘n’ roll used to be. The musical energy generated by the band is enough to run a V8 at full throttle, driven by the passion and power of the front lady. Come and check it out. Festival’s we played so far: Rockabilly Day, Rockabilly Swamp, Rockabilly deluxe, Sjock festival, Bethune Retro, Rolmo’s Roots Rock, Turnhout Royale, Rock’n’Road Stomp, V8 Brothers, and many more… Some quotes of the press: “ Belgium’s best kept secret “ Frantic Franky – Boppin Around “Tight sounding band that makes everybody move” Keys and Chords “with this Wild Deuces we can party all night long” Rootsville

Manon De Schepper: front lady
Bart C: double bass
Bart H: guitar
Pascal L: drums

The Rattleshake Combo


High-Octane Rockabilly - Swing - Rock 'n Roll

The members of The Rattleshake Combo are seasoned musicians, and have been playing for too many years to count. The love for Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll, Country, & Swing goes very deep...

Danny Janssen: Drums
Jake The Snake: Vocals-guitar
Bart Huysmans: Double-Bass
Stefan Van den Bergh: Lead Guitar

Lawen Stark & the Slide Boppers

Genre: 50's Rockabilly

Lawen Stark formed his band in 2006 with Jean McColling (drummer) and the great guitarist Mario Matticci (Be-Bops) the success is immediate! With the presence, the show and the unique voice of Lawen. They scoured the rooms of all Europe, with dates in Spain, Germany, Holland, France, Uk, Sweden, Norway, Austria ... They perform many performances in festivals: The Rockabilly Rave, Hemsby Rockabilly Weekender, High Rockabilly, Rockabilly Day, Rockin 'Around Turnhout, Béthune Festival, The Rocket Room, Sjock Rock. The last album Boom boom room is classified album of the week on the biggest radio in Belgium Classic21 "Doc Boogie" Walter De Paduwa. Lawen's influences are Elvis Presley, Don Gibson, Faron Young,Marty Robbins, Carl Perkins, Grady Martin ...

Lawen Band

Genre: 50's Rockabilly

Lawen's Band is composed of Lawen on vocals and on guitar, it's 100% jazzy Blues roots with a voice like Howlin'Wolf! a Black gospel bottom action pack show !!! Lawen played with mister SUGAR RAY FORD (UK) on guitar last year at Charlie rocket club in Brugge. A great show a great moment and back to the 1940's in Chicago! .

Backseat Boppers

Genre: Rockabilly, Swing & Surf

!!! Backseat Boppers !!! These five greased quiffs bring raw unadulterated rockabilly, swing and surf, in an inimitable way. All jumping, shouting, screaming and rolling them up each bar or stage Standing still is simply impossible! The Boppers bring it raw and flaming.

Flaming Frans: guitar
The Wolfman: Drum
Shaking Kurt: Sax
Crazy Hunter: Double-Bass

The Belgian U2 Experience


"U2be - The Belgian U2 Experience" is an experienced U2 Tribute Band. U2be amazingly accurately brings both older hits and newer work with passion and respect for the original from Ireland. With all the hits from around 40 (!) Years of U2 history on their playlist, they are sure to speak to a very wide audience with their non-stop swirling shows: Where the Streets Have No Name, Pride, Vertigo, Beautiful Day, Elevation, I will follow, Sunday bloody Sunday, New Years’ day, With or without you, One… With great attention to detail they unraveled the typical “wall of sound” and reconstructed it with the typical and very recognizable sounds, the use of samples / intros,… as brought by “U2” itself. In addition, the focus was also placed on the visual aspect: looks & moves on stage, identical instruments, video animation (synchronous with the music ... a technical tour de force!). All this to make the audience even more absorbed in the show. See their live images via the YouTube channel, a band with a (hi)story

"The Belgian U2 Experience" was founded at the end of 2011 by guitarist Franky Aneca and consists of musicians from West & East Flanders. From 2012 we have collected a nice “palmares” in Flanders, Wallonia and the Netherlands. Nick Beernaert is singer "Bono" at U2be. Nick has more than 25 years of stage experience and proved in TV programs such as The Voice (2012 and 2019), X-factor, ... that he has some sturdy vocal cords. With the experience and knowledge built up since 2011 and the driven frontman Nick, U2be is a hit ... and they are without a doubt one of the most authentic and appreciated U2 tribute bands in Europe.

Nick Beernaert as "Bono": vocals, harmonica
Franky as "The Edge": guitars, backing vocals
Geert Van Renterghem as "Adam Clayton": bass, backing vocals
Mathieu Vandevoorde as "Larry Mullen Jr.": drums

Los Fantasmas

Genre: surf, garage, (60s-) punk and rockabilly

Los Fantasmas mix shreds of surf, garage,
(60s-) punk and rockabilly into raw and loud ghostabilly since 2015. The red hot cocktail is prepared using greasy Gretsch guitar, overdriven violin bass and old school violent drums. All songs are true stories. Protected by lucha libre masks, El Pulpo, El Loco and El Spock wander around in a universe full of dangerous women, monsters and aliens. Therefore every performance may be the very last and that is why they go to the bone every time.

In January 2018 the clip “Werewolf” is released. From May till October 2018 they recorde a full album with producer Erik Van Biesen (Gorki, The Paranoiacs, Revenge 88). Single “Frankenstein Monster”, taken from the album, is released with a een clip in May 2019. Release of the full album on cd is scheduled for 2020, but in the mean time they release demo “Dracula” with a clip in March 2020. In May 2020 they make the 30 minutes video “An evening with Los Fantasmas” for Sodigent vzw.

El Pulpo: guitar, voice
El Loco: drums
El Spock: bass

The Bombsite Kids

Genre: Punk - Rock ‘n Roll

Belgian band formed in the 80's THE BOMBSITE KIDS played a lot of gigs in Belgium, France, Holland,regulary as support act of The Flamin' Groovies, The Lords of the New Church,The Nomads, The Dogs, Oberkampf, Alien Sex Fiend,etc....After a twenty year split we're back in 2012.
New shows with Sonny Vincent, The Troggs, Chelsea, The Lords of Altamont, Healty Junkies.......
New shows with the Godfathers, The Kids in Belgium, The Netherlands and France in 2017
The recordings of a new album started in january 2018!
Upcoming shows especially with The lords of Altamont and festivals, and new songs for a new quartet line-up!

The brand new EP (Like in '77) was released in January 2019!!

Jacky Righi: Guitar and vocals
Jef Thomé : Bass and backings
Christophe Gielen: Guitar and backings
JP Devox: Drums and backings

June And The Jewels

Genre: Rock'n Roll - Rockabilly

The Ragged Roses

Genre: 50’s rock & roll with the attitude of modern roots gunslingers

Now, take 2 gallons of Wanda Jackson, 2 gallons of Etta James, a spoonful Howlin’ Wolf,a shot of Dick Dale, add some Cramps and a pint of Nick Curran,mix that all up, shake it, stir it, and light it on fire. The result you get : The Ragged Roses !!!
The Ragged Roses combine the rock & roll spirit of the 1950’s with the attitude of modern roots gunslingers. It’s a new band, female fronted by Katrien, the embodiment of wild performing art, combining stunning vocals with stunning looks, being backboned by – you can call them although their relative young age and wild raging hearts - veterans of the Belgian roots scene. Watch out for that slapping, walking, gypsy swinging upright bass and lightning bolt guitars, surfing on a wave of groovy drums !
The Ragged Roses are now releasing their debut album “Do Me Right”, containing all self-written original songs and one cover of the great Del Shannon. So don’t hesitate to check out their album and please visit one of their staggering live shows … ‘cause one thing’s for sure … The Ragged Roses still have some unfinished business to take care of !!!

Katrien Van Proeyen: Zang
Bart Rico Ulens : Gitaar
Sebi Lee: Contrabas
Johan Bekkers: Drum

Billygoat Riders

Genre: Rockabilly

The Billygoat Riders were founded in 1987 by 2 brothers Guy ("Chuck") and Jean-Luc ("Leopard Luke" aka "Buddy") Messany as a Rockabilly band. Together with Rein Mahieu ("Chico") and James Ceulenaere ("Spider James" aka "El Donkey") they made the neighbourhood of Bruges in Belgium unsafe... After Guy Winne and youngest brother Yves ("Yvieboy") Messany joined the band, the foursome recorded the CD "Rock Bop Jump & Hop", on which they played 15 own songs.

With this line-up, they toured several times in England and elsewhere and shared the stage with bands such as Bill Haley's Original Comets, Crazy Cavan 'n' the Rhythm Rockers, Matchbox, Shotgun, etc. (Chuck's Gretsch guitar still proudly bears the signature of Bill Haley's guitarist Franny Beecher...) In 2004, the 3 Messany brothers (with a Czech double bass player) played at the Rumburk Rockabilly festival in the Czech Republic.

Shortly after that wonderful event, the band was unfortunately forced to stop, because guitarist Chuck was always abroad for his work...

Yvieboy, Guy Winne and Luke then started a Cajunbilly band: Big Bayou Bandits...

Since 2017, the Billygoat Riders are finally back, hungrier and better than ever, as a 3-piece Rockabilly band with the 3 Messany brothers:

Guy “Chuck”: Guitar
Jean-Luc “Buddy”: Drum
Yves “Yvieboy”: Double Bass

Moonshine Reunion

Genre: a twisting road between Rockabilly, Blues and Country Rhythms

Moonshine Reunion taps into half a century of Roots music by taking a twisting road between Rockabilly, Blues and Country rhythms. They are a Rockin’ roadmachine and a great live act since 2004. Their enthousiasm and a chain of skillfully crafted songs certainly makes you wanna hear and see more by this boppin’ combo from Belgium!

Clark Kenis: Upright Bass & Vocals
Wan De Brabander: Guitar
Piet Vercouteren: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Joris Govers : Drums