Celtix (FR)

Genre:   Psychobilly

Hey there, let's get back in the days.... ’96, Celtix was born with Matt on Vocals & Slap, Fred on Vocals & Guitar and Joce on drums. After few months on writing songs and practicing the band was ready go out. Celtix played at a “cine-concert” competition and won! The first price was two days in studio. With the recording done on a good old 8-track tape recorder, Celtix gave it to a friend of them who knew a guy who knew a guy who had a friend who knew Fred Skarface. This dude was releasing compilations sorted by certain kinds of music with French bands only. So Celtix had The Devil On My Back on the French psychobilly compilation Rocking With The Frogs. At the same time, they played a couples of gigs, the band was well received.

A short time after the release of this compilation, in ‘97 Celtix was contacted by Guido Neumann from Crazy Love Records himself, offering the band the release of a full-length album. Ouch! So let’s get back to the studio to record So Nice To Be Wicked. This time it was on a 16-track tape recorder! Celtix spent no more than a week to make this album. A budget is a budget! They had no experience in that kind of thing, they were just 20-year-old kids. Three little Frenchies from a small and forgotten town recording their first album ever! The guys did there best. It was all about having fun and enjoying those moments. They were proud and jumping around! Dream comes true. But, shortly after the CD release Fred left the band. Matt and Joce tried to convince him to get back with them. There was nothing to do. Sad but true. At this time, Joce and Matt were so disappointed. How to find a new guitarist now, apart from this happening just a few months before Matt moved to Paris. Celtix simply split up. At this time they couldn’t imagine how Celtix was appreciated, in there minds they were just a small band from a small city.

2019, 23 years after the recordings, Matt was asked about releasing So Nice To Be Wicked on vinyl, so he contacted Guido to talk about that. He told Matt that he had the master for the LP right on his desk. It’s something he had wanted to do for a long time. April 2019, So Nice To Be Wicked was out on vinyl. At the same time Celtix decide to retun with a new line up Matt on Vocals&Slap, Joce on Guitars & B.vox and Seb on drums & B-vox. May of the same year they played their very first gig with Mad Sin. Since that Celtix played few gigs and recorded late 2019 a 5 tracks EP, “Psycho Of The Night” which will be out in April 2020 on Crazy Love Records ! Let’s say that Celtix is back at it !

Ady & The Hop Pickers (FR)

Genre:  Rock'n'Roll & Swing'n'Blues

Ady put on her red high wheels in 2018. She plugged her guitar and started to play electric riffs with Bastien FLORI on doublebass & Sebastien BROSSILON on drums. Then, a unique kind of Rock'n'Roll was born. They lead you to the "crossroad" of Blues and Swing with an explosive energy. The trio plays original songs talking about what Ady knows the best : being a woman. After 2 years on the road playing in the greatest vintage festivals of France, Ady & The Hop Pickers is now definitely part of the French Rock'n'Roll scène! Approved by dancers!

Ady: Singer & Lead guitar
Bastien Flori: Doublebass
Sébastien Brossillon: Drums

The Rumbling Cats (FR)

Genre:  Rockabilly

THE RUMBLING CATS is a Rockabilly band from the North of France. Created at the start of 2020, It is composed of Germain on vocals and guitar, Daves on double bass and Corentin on drums. Our source of inspiration comes from a musical heritage of the 50's

Germain: vocal & guitar
Daves: Double bass
Corentin: Drums

Los Hot Tamales (FR)

Genre:  50's rhythm'n'blues & rock'n'roll

LOS HOT TAMALES is Cecilya's Parisian band. Pure 50's rhythm'n'blues & 
rock'n'roll to make you dance the night away. From sunny Barcelona, 
Cecilya brings a bright and energetic staging combining original songs 
and covers that will make you feel as if you were traveling back in time 
to a party in the 1950s. The "rockin 'lady", who used to tour alone 
around Europe & Latin America after singing in The Voice Spain (2017), 
now is always accompanied by her group of french all-stars.

Cecilya Mestres: voice
Francky Gumbo: guitar
Olivier Cantrelle: piano
Thibaut Chopin: double bass
Pascal Mucci: drums

T Becker Trio

Genre: Rockabilly

A trio of French musicians from Normandy, in love with music and attached to the reckless and happy spirit of the 50’s.

Tof: acoustic guitar and vocals
Did: lead guitar
Axel: double bass

The Hoodoo-Tones

Genre: Rockabilly - Rock n’ Roll Trio

The Hoodoo Tones are a rockabilly and rock n’ roll trio, founded in 2013 in the North of France. Few groups can claim to have truly ‘earned their spurs,’ but with rousing concerts in bars, music halls, and other venues, Mike (drums), Pierre (double bass), and Kevin (guitar and vocals) have forged experience that adds an explosive quality to their music, especially when enjoyed live.
On stage, the group offers original compositions inspired by the pioneers of rock n’ roll, as well as by cinema and the band members’ personal lives. Having released their premier album, Confessions of a Loner, with Rhythm Bomb Records (Germany, England, U.S.) in 2016.
In september of 2018, « Here to Stay », a catchy and energic second album is released! In 2020 “Still on the Run” was released, an album that’ll become alive on stage at least! A 4th album, “Three Steps To Evil” is released in 2022 and the band is now back with “Black Land Dust” on El Dandy Records!

Kevin Bll: guitar and vocals
Michael Fleurquin: drums
Pierre Poiré: double bass