Wild Rooster

Genre: Stomping Rock'n'Roll  - A mixture of self written and cover songs with roots in the 50s Rockabilly & Country, mixed with Teddy Boy Rock'n'Roll.

Wild Rooster is a Swedish Rock'n'Roll band which was started back in 2007 by their front man Steve Riot and his former bass player. In these years they played all over Europe as well as gigs in Japan, the United States and in Brazil. The band also released 5 albums.

Wild Rooster is mainly known as a Teddy Boy band, but the diversity of their songs and the engagement of a double bass player allows them to thrill a wide spectrum of different music lovers.

After a rather calm period following the leave of their original bass player Wild Rooster is ready to hit the road again.

Steve Riot: Lead vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Rick Tanner: Double Bass & Backing Vocals
Dick Dahlgren: Drums
Kim Amberg: Lead Guitar

Steve Riot Band

Genre: Beware of the beast - Rock'n'Roll at its best... Rockabilly / Country / Teddy Boy / Ballads

Steve Riot used to play with different musicians, but the members of his new project seem to be the perfect match. Four musicians that live and breathe Rock'n'Roll and are ready to hit the stages. Their music is an energetic mixture of Rockabilly, Country, Teddy Boy and Ballads - pure dynamite.

The musicians are from four different countries and the list of bands they were and are involved is impressive: Ronnie Dawson, Wild Rooster, Demented are Go, The Hellbillys, Sandy & the Wombats, Don Diego Trio, Dave Phillips & the Hotrod Gang - so to name a few.

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Steve Riot: Lead vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Rick Tanner: Double Bass & Backing Vocals
Diego Geraci: Lead Guitar
Andy Caligaris: Drums