Genre: Hydromatic Rockabilly with a Swing..

Place:  Rock and Roll City Vlissingen


The 5-o-Matics started in the winter of 2013.  From way down under at the South-West coast of the Netherlands.. 4 guys familiar with rockabilly music . Music from the early 40’s & 50's with their own style in which they highly succeeded , so all of you Cats and Kittens can enjoy the Hydromatic gigs , at Rocking' parties and festivals all over the country and abroad. All mixed up comes with a Hydromatic Rockabilly style. While also delivering stunning renditions of the original 50’s Rockabilly and Rock-n-Roll tunes with a rare passion that sets them apart from the rest. It’s all part of the bands program and a mixture of inspirations that creates their own Hydromatic sound. This rockin’ formula makes sure to set your feet a-tappin’ and your hips a-shakin’. "Making even the tamest people get a little bad"! So if all what is written above has made you curious, leave the house instantly, jump right in your car and meet this 5-ó-Matic’s in the nearest place around to fully enjoy a long lasting dose of good ole Rockabilly with a Hydromatic Swing….


Tony -- Lead Guitar -- Vocals.

Marcel -- Drums -- Vocals.

Glenn -- Saxophone Baritone / Tenor -- Backing Vocals.

Peter -- Double Bass.


Together they make great music, a great show, but most important ; great fun!