Howlin' Ramblers

Genre: Wild Raw and Rocking Rockabilly-Stomp and Blues Bop!

Howlin' Ramblers start in 2016. Their name is a tribute to the roots of rock'n'roll: blues (Howlin' Wolf) and country (Hank 'the Ramblin' Man' Williams). Throughout these years, this five-piece band from South Spain have developed their own sound which has been defined as 'wild raw and rocking Rockabilly-Stomp and Blues-Bop!'. "Home of the Blues", their first work, was released and self-produced in 2018. Sleazy Records, one of the most important rockin' music record label and retailers in Spain, has been in charge of the release of their second album called "Men With Broken Hearts" and the 7" "I'm a Hobo" (2.020)

Jesús Teddy: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Salva Matt: Guitar & Backing vocals
Pepe Badrriles: Harmonica, Maracas & Vibraslap
Juanlu Nuñez: Double Bass
Juan Ferrer: Drums & Backing Vocals

Lojo & The Mojos

Genre: Rockabilly

Lojo & The Mojos Is the brand new personal project of ISMAEL LOJO (Hot Clover Club, St Peter Square…). With his old band, Hot Clover Club, he has recorded an LP with El Toro Records and had gigs all over Spain, Portugal, Ireland, UK…. His new band is a very classic rockabilly project, with little touches of country and swing. His official backing band are Pablo Mateos on lead guitar (Hot Clover Club, Money Shakers…), Juanlu Núñez on Doublebass (St Peter Square, Howlin´Ramblers…) and Juan Ferrer on drums (Howlin´Ramblers…).

All together make an explosive cocktel of power, class and energy over the stage. In his gigs you could expect new amazing compositions, in add with a few selected old songs from Hot Clover Club and very special covers. When all this covid situation goes away, he expects to record a new. Soon new récords from ISMAEL LOJO!! KEEP YOUR LOJO WORKING!!

Ismael Lojo: Vocals & Rhythm guitar
Pablo Mateos: Lead guitar
Juanlu Núñez: Double bass
Juan Ferrer: Drums

St. Peter Square

Genre: Neo-Rockabilly / Rockabilly

Ismael Lojo, ex- singer of the veteran Spanish Rockabilly group "Uncle Williams", after 12 years of musical inactivity for professional reasons, but with the venom of the live shows in his veins, he meets regularly with his lifelong friend Juanlu Núñez, to play in an attic. With few resources and a lot of desire, they begin a first stage with an old guitar and an electric bass to which Juanlu attaches an iron foot to play it vertically for lack of money for a double bass .... these are the days of "Lavadora R&R trio ", a trio of two, home rockabilly days in which, despite not going live, many ST PETER SQUARE songs are forged. These are the days of songs like "Geohool", "Zombie rock", "Southern Notes" ..... that were played for friends.

One fine day, another great lifelong friend, José Carlos Oria, a lifelong rocker from Seville, dares to close the circle, wields the drumsticks and, with his semi-battery as the engine, gives birth to the definitive formation of the group.

The name of the group? ... an old story. It has its origin in the famous Saint Peter´s Square in Seville, our hometown, a meeting place for Rockabilly culture in Seville during the 80s and 90s. A meeting place for the Rockers from Seville. There they danced, drank and enjoyed what was a shared passion: R&R. And from there came the three members of the group ...

At present, with a lot of work and a lot of beer, we work the repertoire again and again without discouragement, with the illusion of the next concert, to always transmit to the public what our philosophy comes to be: R&R is a music that should be done by and for fun. R&R "IS" fun ...... and so we try to do it !!

Ismael Lojo: Vocals & Lead guitar
Juanlu Núñez: Double bass
Jose Carlos Oria: Drums

Norma Winchester

Genre: Rhythm & Blues / 50’s Jump Blues...

The next great queen of Rhythm & Blues Norma Winchester is the true reflection of the strength coming from a privileged instrument together with a charming charisma on and off the stage. She has a powerful and deep voice, and as a singer she will remind you of the great African-American divas from the 40s and 50s.

Norma was born in Valladolid, Spain, and from a very young age she started to show her music talent, serenading everyone during every single family trip and car ride from the back seat although at the beginning she just knew 2 songs by heart that she would gladly sing over and over again.

She entered her school choir and always says that her first English teacher was Michael Jackson, but it was actually Gene Kelly, together with Fred Astaire and all the greatest American musicals that hypnotised her in front of the TV when she was a child. That is when she decided to study English for real, master the language and finally understand what all those gentlemen were singing about with their velvety voices.

She decided to take the plunge into professional singing, starting with jazz and swing, discovering a whole new world of black music performers and divas such as Ella Fitzgerald or Aretha Franklin, both passionate and powerful women, and she finally realised that her inner diva wanted to sing a lot more.

Norma Winchester: vocals
Carlos Sanz: guitar
Jorge Otero “Jafo”: upright bass & Fender bass
Nacho Castro: Drums
Arturo: tenor sax